Window Tretment For Spring Season
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Window Treatment That You Need For This Spring Season

Just like we change our wardrobes, with a change in the season, our blinds and drapes need a makeover as well. We can remove winter-style settings and opt for spring-style decor on our windows, to enjoy the feel of this beautiful season.

There are different ways to “Spring-ify” your interior decor, and even a good spring cleaning can do the job. Nonetheless, here we highlight some window treatment ideas that can help you to design your dream home.

Best 6 Ways to Window Treatment for This Spring Season

1. Contrast Curtains

Contrasting coloured curtains add a distinctive and warm look to your interior design. Thus, adopt a modernised take to go with your traditional design style and add subtlety to it. You can also add minimalistic fittings that can remain aesthetic for more extended periods.

2. Ensuring Privacy

We’re close to summertime; which means you’re going to let the sun in by opening your windows. However, you also want to ensure privacy from nosy neighbours. To ensure privacy, you can add blinds which not only minimise visibility but also allow a fresh breeze to pass through.

3. Oversized Florals

If you are decorating for spring, then oversized florals are just what you need. These English and Victorian-inspired floral designs are presently getting better and bolder. All you need is to select an appropriate size, then you can let your curtain steal the show for you.

4. Roman Blinds

Usually, with north-facing rooms, your interior décor can become lacklustre. You can tailor your window treatment in which you can make most of the spring season; such as through using Roman blinds. By using compact rollers or pleated blinds, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun to the fullest.

5. Length of Curtains

Spring is the season of romance, so make the length of your custom curtains longer. Adjust the length of the curtains until they almost kiss the floor. Move your furniture elsewhere if any of it is right next to the window and enjoy the spring breeze while you’re enjoying a book on a quiet Saturday afternoon.

6. Style

Style is quite essential if you are considering to get a window treatment. It adds dimension and finesse to your interior decor. Thus, when you select seasonal curtains or draperies, don’t forget to add style in the mix. It can either make or break your home’s decor.

There are numerous other ideas which you can incorporate to your home’s window treatment. However, the abovementioned aspects are enough to create your dream interior decor.

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