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Pro Tips On How To Hang Curtains?

If you want to enhance the beauty of your interior, then good curtains are the way to go. No matter the design or style you choose for your rooms, attractive curtains can broaden your look. However, hanging a curtain requires precise thinking; since you want to make your interior a showstopper.

However, do you know how to hang a curtain? Or which kind of curtains will suit your interior decor? Or which type of material you can use? If not, then look below as we list down few tips with which you can easily hang curtains.

Best 4 Tips to Hang Curtains

1.The Many Shades of Curtains

Curtains are the welcoming space of a room; however, which type of curtains best suit your decor is another question. From pencil pleat to eyelets, you can choose from a plethora of  custom curtain designs. Still, if you want to exemplify the beauty of your decor, don’t hesitate to brainstorm a few plans for your liking.

2. Higher the Placement, the Better

If you have low ceilings, then you must fir your curtain rod as high as possible. With this step, you can highlight the height of your curtains; making it seem like you have a taller ceiling. Conversely, if you have a taller ceiling, the best practice is to place the rod, 8-10 inches higher than the window frame for maximum aesthetics.

3.Widen Your Curtain Range

You’re a few months away from the first summer of the decade, so why not enjoy its essence entirely. Usually, people opt for the width of the curtain that just kisses the end of the windows. Instead, if you add a space of 3 inches on both sides, they won’t block the sunlight; hence, lighting up your decor entirely.

4.Choosing the Right Length

The length of the curtains usually depends on the type of windows you have. For instance, bay windows add royalty to your decor and demands that you choose long-length curtains for them. Similarly, short-length curtains are the first-choice length if you have sliding windows in your rooms. All in all, google about the preferred length for your window design before you shop for them.

The headings of pencil pleat curtains typically have three rows threaded through the same number of hook positions. Additionally, they blend well with all kinds of poles, which makes it one of the styles of the most popular curtains used.

If you plan on using poles and not tracks, then hang eyelet curtains and brighten your room throughout the summer. Moreover, similar to pencil pleat, eyelet curtains are a first-choice solution to enhance the look of your decor.

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