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How To Get A Royal Treatment For Your Windows?

Even if you don’t have a palace, you can still make your average home feel like one with some modifications. Improvements like window treatments or redecorating can make your house into your dream home.

Window treatment is more than a combination of contrasting colours; it adds finesse and class to your interior decor. There are various creative ideas you can incorporate to improve your interior design. Today, we’ll focus on different ways you can add a palace-like modification to your decor.

Treatment For Your Windows (5 Ways)

1. Add the Royalty Effect with Purple

For centuries, purple is the colour of royalty, power and wealth. Even so, that many kingdoms forbad anyone, except the close family of the royal family to not associate with purple. With purple, you can explore different artistic pursuits, if you plan to get window treatments. From purple wall paint to magical purple curtains, there are a plethora of options you can consider.

2. Dwell back to the Roman Empire with Roman Shades

Many years ago, Romans conceived the idea of dressing up windows of homes to get protection from intense sunlight. Thus, there is another idea which you can incorporate into your decor. Roman shades are available in different fabrics and colours that can add elegance to your interior designs.

3. Add Lightweight Translucent Curtains to your Kingdom

If your living room has windows running through the entire wall, then translucent curtains are your thing. It adds sufficient privacy during nights and also allows soft sunlight to skim their way into your rooms. You can even add cellular shades into the mix to add a more aesthetic and royal touch to your home.

4. Drapes and Roller Shades for your Castle

Pair roller shades with curtains to give your decor with a sleeker look to top it off with shallow windows. It doesn’t make your windows too busy, while a solid colour to your drapes can entice your design further. However, to keep it a relaxing demeanour, you can add two prints with one being larger and other being more delicate.

5. Wooden Texture

Wooden texture gives off an evergreen vibe that adds class and finesse to your interior decor. Adding wooden blinds instead of PVC ones is perfect for homeowners who seek narrow filtration of light in their households.

Adding a touch of royalty to your home can enhance its overall decor. Thus, there are different creative ideas that you can use to spice up your living rooms and ad a luxurious feel to it. Contemporary Curtains provide you with a plethora of window treatment ideas that can make your home, your empire.

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