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How To Wash Net Curtains Without Damaging The Fabric?

If you think washing your clothes is hard, then imagine how hard it is to wash the curtains without damaging its fabric. Most curtain providers will add a set of procedures for cleaning different kinds of materials. However, sometimes you need to put extra efforts to protect the quality of your new curtains.

Net curtains are 100% polyester and are entirely washable. Nonetheless, those are a delicate piece of human-made fabric and requires the washer to follow a specific set of procedures. Today, we’ll highlight those procedures to make it easier for you to wash your net curtains.

Here are Some Tips To Wash Net Curtains

Use Warm Water

Net curtains are the mildest form of curtain present today. However, you must wash them with warm water to keep its finesse intact. Fill a tub with soapy water with a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees and place the curtain in it.

Leave it to Soak

Now, that you have put the dirty curtains in the tub of warm water, you must keep it in there for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, make sure that you clean off any dirt or dust on it by rubbing or scrubbing it gently. However, don’t scrub too hard, or you could damage the fabric.

Rinse it Thoroughly

Most net curtains are white, so make sure that there is no other colored fabric present in the tub. Now, just rinse the curtains thoroughly over the old water until the water is clear. It’s better that you carefully check each corner of your curtain in case you missed any dust stain.

Don’t Wring your Net Curtains

Now, you must ensure not to wring your net curtains as it can completely ruin them. Try to squeeze gently so that the old water drains from them, along with the dirt and dust. Moreover, ensure not to crease the curtains and roll it like a soft towel to rinse the old water.

Tumble Drying is not Necessary

Unlike other clothes, you don’t need to tumble dry your net curtains. Just hang them again on your curtain rod to complete the drying process. Moreover, you can also add a folded towel here on the sill to catch any drips of old water.

Extra Tip

Now that you followed a massive number of steps to clean your net curtains, then its best that you keep it hanging for at least a season. Thus, before you rehang them, clean your windows and keep your custom curtains free of dust for months.

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