How To Measure Windows For Curtains
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How To Measure Windows For Curtains?

If you’re looking for a makeover for your interior design before the start of the summer season, then you must be brainstorming continuously. Be it selecting a contrasting color for your interior getting new furniture for a summer-like environment, and there is a huge checklist.

One of the essential items in your list are curtains for your windows. More so, that curtains can add a touch of magnificence to your interior. However, to add maximum subtlety to your decor, you need to measure those windows correctly. Today, we’ll highlight some essential aspects which you must consider before measuring windows for your curtains.

How to Measure Different Styles of Windows ?

In the contemporary era of designing excellence, there are various unique window designs to consider. Unfortunately, each design makes you want to tweak your measurement practices; so that you can beautify your interior accordingly. Below discussed are a few window designs which are quite common in present residents.

Measuring Bay Windows

Bay windows ideally are a series of windows placed on distinct angles; which add a cosines to your room. However, as beautiful as they sound, measuring them for windows is no walk in the park. Thus, firstly you need to select the best method to hang those new curtains. Moreover, the brackets and rods need to address those distinct angles adequately.

Measuring Casement Windows

Casement windows are the most set of windows used in residential homes. The two-panel window treatment opens in the middle and swings outwards. Measuring curtains for these windows is the easiest; since you only have to measure the interior sash area and you’re good to go.

Measuring Sliding Doors/Windows

Sliding window treatment is probably the epitome of perfection if you look for a subtle yet exemplary interior structure. Ideally, long-length curtains do not fit well with the classiness of sliding windows. Thus, you should start measuring from the top of the windows and reach just two to three inches below.

Measuring Jalousie Windows

If you’re eager to add summerly features to your interior decor, then Jalousie windows are a perfect addition. With added light and ventilation in summer days, jalousie windows add a traditional touch to your decor.However, measuring curtains for them is a severe headache; since the windows cover a lot of space on your walls. So, it’s suggested that go length-to-length for these types of windows and don’t overthink.

All in all, it’s a different ballgame when you are completely redecorating your rooms and confusion arises during measurement of curtains. Nevertheless, you must brainstorm the best possible design for your interior. We, at Contemporary Curtains, have the measurement metrics and the experts to customize the right curtains for you.

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