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How To Fit A Curtain Pole?

Are you in the middle of redecorating your summer interior? Then you must plan to cover many aspects. Starting from the colour of the walls in your living room to adding curtains to your bedroom, you have lots of things to consider. However, when you talk about getting new curtains, you also need to get yourself a different curtain pole.

Let’s face it, and you don’t want to waste your precious time to fit a curtain pole; instead of adding finesse to your décor. Thus, today we’ll highlight a few following measures which can help you adjust your curtain pole in no time.

5 Steps to Fit Your Curtain Pole

1.The Length of the Pole

Choosing the perfect colour and design for your curtain is the fun part; however, deciding on the size is different. Mostly, people go for the length that only covers their windows. However, you can tweak it a bit differently, such as extending the period to hide a safety locker or a picture. Conclusively, take a measuring tape and get cracking!

2.Getting Yourself the Right Tools

For fitting a curtain rod, get yourself the right tools so that they stick for a long-time and do not ruin your freshly furnished walls. The set of devices you need are:

  1. A screwdriver
  2. A bunch of screws in the appropriate lengths
  3. Pole brackets
  4. High-quality curtain pole
  5. Measuring Tape

3.Reaching Above

Unless you’re a basketball star with a right height, you need a ladder or a stool to reach for your preferred hanging position. You must get one of the lifters mentioned above; since you don’t want a stiff neck to ruin your efforts.

4.Fixing the Brackets

The brackets are the arms that hold the rod together. In other words, you fix these elements and place the pole on them. Thus, firstly, you need to drill holes as per your requirement and fix those brackets with screws.

5.Place the Rod and Hang the Curtains

The next step is the most crucial and will make or break your efforts. Firstly, you need to attach the curtain pole between the brackets. Now, just hang those alluring curtains on the pole. However, you need to ensure that the weight of the curtains does not overpower the rod. In such scenarios, it’s better to change to a more massive rod that can withstand the weight of the curtains.

Fitting the curtain pole is just as important as getting yourself beautiful curtains. Thus, follow these steps, and you complete your interior decoration plans. However, the above steps may become pointless if you don’t have a good quality curtain pole to begin with. Thus, Contemporary Curtains is your one-stop solution for getting alluring curtains and curtain poles in the UK.

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