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Curtain Heading Types: How to Choose the Best for Your Living Room?

In this piece of information, you will learn about different curtain heading types and how to choose them perfectly for your curtains.

When we are thinking about window treatments, we become spoilt for choices with colours, fabric, textures or designs.

And when it comes to your living room, then it is even harder to narrow down the ideas and choosing the right curtains. A little neglect to the fine detailing will leave you compromising.

Keeping the ambience of your living room in mind, first you need to go for the special fabric and then concentrate on the curtain headings to create a spectacular pair.

Ways to Choose the Perfect Curtains for Your Home

There are few important things to consider while buying curtains such as –

Fabric and Colour

Silk, faux silk, linen, and velvet serves best for windows. Too light material will not give the fall well while too heavy will not be folded easily when drawn. Well-insulated curtains will provide cosiness and privacy both.

Length and Lining

Decide on whether you want to add a dramatic look keeping the extra length, or you want to keep the traditional look by keeping them puddled on the floor.

Lining and interlining helps to give total fullness to the body of the curtains. It also helps in prolonging the life of the curtains.

Made to Measure Curtains or Off-the-Shelf Curtains

The custom made curtains have a wide range of benefits from a perfectly tailored look with accurate dimensions to endless design options from fabric, colour to header style. But if you want to keep a little lower budget then off-the-shelf will also nicely serve the purpose.

Different Curtain Heading Types: How to Identify the Right One?

The correct curtain heading type is a major part of the interior design of your living room. The curtains are attached to a pole or a track in various ways known as heading. It can affect the whole appearance and the way the curtains will hang.

Pencil Pleats

The classic pencil pleat curtains are ideal both for traditional as well as modern look for your room. It takes its name from the way the pleats are made that is by resembling pencils standing in a neat row like pattern. This unique feature gives an exquisite drop and a fine rippled effect to the curtains.

Living room is the one where the highest amount of natural light should inflow. So to keep your airy living room bright, pencil pleats are perfect and stylish.

This type of heading suits mostly all tracking types and fitting them is also an easy process. This is a popular choice for elegant and versatile window dressing.

Pinch Pleats

Pinch pleats curtains look best when you want a traditional décor with sophisticated look. This decorative heading is made by tightly gathering and stitching the fabric in neat folded bunch at the top.

The number of pleating fingers can vary between two to five. Keeping more pleats will give more old-fashioned look to your room.

According to your theme, you can opt for deep and dark jewel tones or if you want to keep it simple and serene, then go for light pastel shades.


Eyelets curtain headings are for simple and minimal decor which gives a contemporary interior. It has deep folds of fabric uniformly arranged in lines from top to bottom.

It hangs from a certain type of pole through metal rings attached to the eyelets. They require least effort to hang and also don’t grab much attention in your room.

Now, that you have decided on the heading type, go for some amazing living room curtain ideas to suit your style and décor.

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