• Standard Lining

    This style of curtain lining protects you from unwanted sun rays and provides a slightly increased level of protection from cold draughts. The lining, whilst protecting from excessive sunrays and draughts does not descend into total darkness making it easier for you to wake up naturally for those early morning starts.

    Blackout Lining

    Blackout lining offers you the highest level of protection against sunlight and cold draughts. This style of curtain lining is ideal for all rooms. The blackout lining ensures that any unwanted sunlight is totally blocked from entering a room, ensuring that you sleep right through to the morning. The added thickness to a blackout curtain will also help to ensure that any cold draughts are kept at bay, helping to keep your bedroom stay nice and warm. 


    This style of curtain is characterised by the thin layer of fabric that hangs at your window. The material can range from fabric to fabric and will look just as stylish as a lined curtain. The benefit of this style of unlined curtain is that it won’t cast your room into total darkness, you will be able to block out unwanted glare without feeling like its nighttime. Unlined curtains are also often used as decorative pieces over roller blinds to add a touch of style and soften the overall look at your windows.