• Tie Backs

    Fabric tiebacks. as the name suggests are made of fabrlc and it is based on the lines of the curtain fabric. The color of the tieback must be in contrast with the color of the curtain.

    A tieback refers to a piece of material that is hooped around a curtain and used to hold the material to either side of a window. Curtain tiebacks are often sold either as a separate entity or as part ot a curtain package. Drape tiebacks are by no means a necessity however the luxurious look that they create at a window often make them a popular choice throughout many households.

  • Cushions

    Add a splash of daring colour in your home, with our selections of fabrics to choose from. Scatter cushions feature a vast variety of colours to either contrast or blend into your existing d├ęcor. A scatter cushion is one of the most simple and effective ways to instantly lift a room and introduce colour, pattern and luxury into a scheme without overwhelming. We have a huge range of fabrics to choose from at contemporary curtains.